Monday, September 28, 2009

Three Hundred Sixty Five_Day 1

I was following up on an assignment to browse through the image of some photographers suggested by one of my instructors (Greg Bumatay Greg's Blog ) when I ran across this challenge posed by Scott Bourne to Tasra Mar.  The idea is to take three actions daily for one full year.

Take at least one photo every day
Read at least one page in my camera manual every day
View other professional images everyday

It sounded like something I could do - since I take photos almost everyday and spend some time viewing other photographers work either on the internet or at a gallery pretty frequently - the only thing I wasn't doing frequently - was reading that dratted manual.

Another incentive is that Scott states I will improve my photography drastically If I take these actions every day.  So I signed up and got started right away - I plan to add some of my images to this blog but  I also joined the tasra365 flickr group , so be sure to check in there to see all 365 of my images as they accumulate over the year.

I could not resist capturing a portrait of this precious little girl being carried in her mothers arms.
Yesterday I captured images of two of my grand daughters,  Zoe and Dakota.  Today I dropped by the Watts Towers Drum Festival and watched some amazing percussionists and dancers - I chose this portrait of a little girl being carried in her mother's arms as my first entry in the 365 challenge. The festival continues tomorrow so tomorrow's image will probably be created there too.

Manual:  Using the Quick Control Screen - I must have skipped this component on day one - at least I don't remember what I read - so I don't think that can count.  Today I read pages 38 and 39 Using the Quick Control Screen.  The problem is that I have already changed the settings in my camera - and the Multi Controller Button no longer controls this function.  It looks like I have a puzzle to solve. Finding my Quick Control Screen and how to access it.

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