Sunday, January 31, 2016

Creating Videos

"A boy is the only thing God can use to make a man."

This little guy was so much fun.  He was animated the whole time I was working with the family and when it was his turn to take an individual picture he jumped right on the chair and started giving me some fun smiles and expressions.  I was so sorry I missed taking a picture of him with his dad.                  I know the two of them would have been a "hoot". 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Three and One

Family: Where Life Begins

Richard and Angela brought their kids in a couple of weeks ago.  The girls were super cute and the little guy was a real charmer with a great smile and happy spirit. We were able to create some nice images of each of the children but I missed the opportunity to create something special with mom and the girls and the two guys together.  I thought this one would make a nice gallery wrap.  Love the saying - not sure yet about the fonts.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Creative Live - Kelly Brown Newborn Posing

One of my very favorite photography sessions  is the newborn session.  I love everything about it, the joy of a new baby, the light in the parent's eyes and the nonchalance of the siblings who are not quite sure they wouldn't prefer a puppy instead of the new little one that takes up so much of a parent's time.

When I saw Kelly Brown was going to present a class on Newborn Photography I knew i wanted to be a part of the experience.  Of course it would be wonderful to be in the audience but I had a million things on my plate and it seemed unlikely that a gray haired grandma would be chosen for the studio audience - but I was happy knowing I could set aside the time to view the class and learn how Kelly captured those precious images I saw on her website.

Day one came and I was busy ALL day.  I did not get to sit down at my computer until the evening (so glad CL has a rebroadcast).  When I did get to the computer I was absolutely blown away.  The first thing that struck me was how much Kelly handled the babies.  I'm so used to handing the baby back to the mom to quiet - but not Kelly, she kept the baby in her arms, shushing and rocking and calming the baby into a deep sleep.  It made sense immediately - giving the baby back to the mom to quite and then back to me is an extra transfer.  Lesson one:  Keep the baby in my arms until she is in a deep sleep and ready to be positioned.

The other thing that struck me was the slow methodical way Kelly worked to position the little body - so different than me.  Once the baby is asleep I'm concentrating on capturing "the shot" before the baby wakes up.  I don't give sufficient attention to all the details: fingers pulled out - chin resting on forearms - head turned toward the light.  Once those little eyes close I'm shooting.  Kelly, on the other hand is taking time to create the artful pose.  Lesson two: Don't hurry the process.  Put the camera down Cynthia, work with those little arms and legs and create the picture before you capture the image.

Before I went to bed I bought the course  - looking at day one again there have been so many more aha moments - lucky me.  Thank you Kelly for sharing, and a big huge thank you to Creative Live, for bringing Kelly Brown into my home.