Monday, January 25, 2010


I was running out of the house between storms last week when I saw this rainbow.   I always have a camera with me - so it didn't take long for me to pull it out of my purse and start shooting.   Across the street one of my neighbors was out with his camera too. (Rainbows don't occur that frequently in Southern California so we were all excited).    Keeping my finger on the button, I trot over to chat with a fellow photographer - he's busy shooting, but takes time to say hello.  I find out he uploads his work  to Flickr and tell him I have a photostream there too.  We part after a few minutes.  I'm fascinated by the fact that we live so close, and except for a chance encounter, we might never have met in person (I've been here 18 years) but we share a common interest on the web - fabulous.  

You can see his rainbow image here

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Simon Roberts Video Interview (via lensculture)

I'm always going back and forth about where I'm going on this photo journey. Sometimes I'm sure I want to do something commercially, just because all the gear is SO expensive and it would be nice to earn enough $$$ to purchase what I need - well want. But there are other times that I'm sure I simply want to explore the themes that are interesting to me, and produce images that may not make people happy, but will make them reflect and think.

Simon Roberts Video Interview (via lensculture)

Photo Writings

Up early today - stayed with my resolution of getting in the bed by 11:00 PM so my eyes popped open around 5 AM. Listened to an archived version of TWIP then clicked over to Photojojo to see what was happening on that site. Came across a post about James Pomerantz - a MFA photo student who has a pretty slick blog. A list of photo essays caught my eye. I've read some, but not all. I wonder if I can get them at the library? Trying to hold on to my other resolution "use money wisely".

Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 Goals and Resolutions

I couldn't believe it when I signed on tonight and looked at my last post date.  It's been a whole month since I did any writing in my blog  :(    Hope you've been keeping up with me on Flickr 
or on Facebook .

What are my photography goals and resolutions?

                 Write a real business plan
                 Complete my website (or pay someone to do so)
                 Order some business cards
                 Improve supplemental lighting skills
                 Read the manual for my 580ExII
                 Practice, practice, practice with the Pocket Wizards
                 Sign up to follow Strobist
                 Decide which photography association to join (WPPI?  PPA?)

                 Give more thought to the stories I'm trying to tell with my

                 Would still like to do a series on Sunday Morning Best.
                 A series of images of people of different faiths dressed for
                 worship service. I started this series as a classroom
                 assignment but would like to really work on this idea this

                The second idea came as I visited with my mother's friend
                Edna chatted a little bit with her about her time as a
                WAC in WWII.  It started me thinking about the other Women
                who have stories to tell about the time they served the country.    
                Wouldn't it be great to find and interview these women - not
                sure how many are still living, most would be n their late 80's.
                Their stories should be fascinating and their
                portraits interesting.

Edna, tells me a funny story and laughs up a storm.