Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 Goals and Resolutions

I couldn't believe it when I signed on tonight and looked at my last post date.  It's been a whole month since I did any writing in my blog  :(    Hope you've been keeping up with me on Flickr 
or on Facebook .

What are my photography goals and resolutions?

                 Write a real business plan
                 Complete my website (or pay someone to do so)
                 Order some business cards
                 Improve supplemental lighting skills
                 Read the manual for my 580ExII
                 Practice, practice, practice with the Pocket Wizards
                 Sign up to follow Strobist
                 Decide which photography association to join (WPPI?  PPA?)

                 Give more thought to the stories I'm trying to tell with my

                 Would still like to do a series on Sunday Morning Best.
                 A series of images of people of different faiths dressed for
                 worship service. I started this series as a classroom
                 assignment but would like to really work on this idea this

                The second idea came as I visited with my mother's friend
                Edna chatted a little bit with her about her time as a
                WAC in WWII.  It started me thinking about the other Women
                who have stories to tell about the time they served the country.    
                Wouldn't it be great to find and interview these women - not
                sure how many are still living, most would be n their late 80's.
                Their stories should be fascinating and their
                portraits interesting.

Edna, tells me a funny story and laughs up a storm.


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