Friday, November 27, 2009

Union Station

I drove into LA Tuesday to photograph the big Thanksgiving dinner at one of the LA Food Bank distribution points only to learn that there had been a communication error and the dinner would not be served until Thanksgiving Day.   There were two other photographers (Romina Naiam and Carly Cram) with with me and after a short discussion we decided to spent the morning getting in a little street photography.  We walked a couple of blocks to Union Station and found a number of people willing to to model.

 I would love to use some of these images for my 365 Strangers project but only one meets the criteria
 I have set for this project:
      Introduce myself and learn the subject's name
      Talk with the person I want to photograph and learn a little bit
       about his/her life
      Remember the subject's name when it is time to upload the photograph

I only remember names of two people I photographed Tuesday :(
I should have written them down.

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