Friday, January 21, 2011

Tea at the Culver

I love tea.  Black tea, green tea, Chai tea, spiced tea, herbal infusions  and fragrant tisanes - I luv em all.  As a little girl my mom would offer me a cup of tea and milk (mostly milk). But I remember how grown up it made me feel.  Although  tea with milk is still a favorite of mine, I tend to drink more herbal infusions with just a little honey or stevia……So when I was invited to tea with my “Red Hat” friends I was raring to go.  I picked up my friend Barbara, we each popped on a red had and found our way to the Historic Culver Hotel for tea.

The Historic Culver Hotel, in Culver City, California

Designated as a historical landmark, it is well worth the drive.

We had a great time.  More Seniors Just Kickin' - Red Hatters at Tea
images here.  (PS. these are all low res images - so no full screen -
one day I'll be independently wealthy and will pay for the high-res
option  :)  In the meantime - have a chuckle...

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  1. The hotel is very lovely and it looked like you ladies had a splendid afternoon.