Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Breaking The Rules

Last week I went to lunch with a group of women I have known a very long time.  We are all members of the same service organization and we spend a lot of time together organizing civic and cultural activities in the Orange County area.  Occasionally we have a bit of time when we can "just have fun" and last week was one of those days.  We met at McKenna's on the Bay, in Long Beach, and spent the afternoon leisurely eating a delicious meal, sharing stories and celebrating a birthday.

After lunch I spent a little time walking around, clicking the shutter on my camera.  I liked the images so much I decided to break the rules and post them here.

What rules?  Glad you asked.. there seems to be an unwritten rule that photographers should "show what they want to sell" when they post photographs on their blogs, but that doesn't always work for me.  Sometimes I find something, a person, a rock or a plant that is intriguing, or beautiful, or just plain ol' strange and I want to share that image with my friends.

So today no people pics.  No families, no kiddos, no picture stories from special events...  just  a couple of my favorite images from a day with friends.

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