Friday, June 19, 2009


My modem crashed last weekend :(  The new modem finally arrived yesterday and it took several hours before I could get up and running -but here I am - back at the keyboard.

Last week I was able to work with the family of a newborn, Luis was 18 days old when these images were captured.  I tried to get his mother to allow me to come a few days earlier so he would still be curled up like a  pea pod - but he sure is cute even though he has already begun to stretch out his little arms and legs.

I really do enjoy working with expectant mothers and their newborns.  Be sure to refer any moms who are interested in a maternity portrait or photos of their newborn (less than 3 weeks old is preferable)  I'm still building my portfolio, so there is no sitting fee and parents can purchase prints at reasonable prices.

Please forward my contact information



Telephone (H)         714-527-8298

I'm on Facebook:  but I'm not sure that is the best place for a potential client to be introduced to me.   I'll keep the both the Facebook account and my mind open, but in the meantime, send any referrals to flickr - I just established the account and should have some portraits posted by the end of the month.  They can also call me for a link 
to private collections.   

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