Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

NILMDTS is a non profit organization of professional photographers who come to the aid of families who want a photograph of their little one who has been "called home"much earlier than expected.  The photographer captures beautiful images of their child and gives these images to the parents free of charge.  Some parents frame these images and keep them as a document to their child's short life, other keep the images in a safe where they can go to honor and cherish these simple memories.

In the training, directed by Madonna and David Nicholson, posing and lighting was a major part of the afternoon session.  Madonna suggested we carry a couple of black pieces of cloth to serve as a backdrop and to wrap around the mother.  Lighting was one light with an umbrella.  A reflector was used when more fill light was needed.  The light stand they used was a  a stand that collapsed when picked up and legs snapped back when the stand was placed in position. They used a bracket that held the Pocket Wizard and the Speedlight.

Practice, practice, practice, thinking about a monolight instead of my Speedlight- so I can see the light BEFORE I press the shutter.


  1. You are doing such a wonderful thing for these unfortunate families.

  2. Your images are already beautiful! I know you won't be able to share them once you get started, but I know your work will be powerful. You have such an amazing heart and spirit, I know you're going to excel at this important job.

  3. p.s., these pictures already make me cry