Friday, March 26, 2010

Big Brother - My Uncle Edwin

My brother Thomas, and I were in Chicago for a few days to say goodbye to my Uncle Edwin who reached the wonderful age of 96.5  (isn't it interesting that young children and older adults always append their age with additional months  -  I'm 2 and 1/2 or I'm 87 and 1/2 - the rest of us mark the passage of time simply with yearly increments).

      Here is my uncle  a couple of years ago, cuddling his wife - they were 
married the year I was born - 1940.  Pretty close to 70 years of marriage 
now that is really something to crow about.

He was a strong man who lived a wonderful life. It made us sad to know
that we would no longer hear his stories about growing up in Texas or
about his work as the Director of the Physical Education Department at
Roosevelt University in Chicago but we were comforted by our memories
of our time together and our faith of his transition to an unlimited spiritual being.

We flew in to O'Hare Friday evening and awakened Saturday morning to snow. Snow everywhere - and me  (A California Girl) with not a clue how to drive in the snow or even walk in the snow.
View through the hotel window.

Plus,  the shoes I brought to wear were a pair of  cloth shoes and some sling backs - I was lucky I had traveled in a scruffy  pair of old boots - which I was
able to pull on and wear with my suit.   I ran down to the front desk  
to report I needed help getting to the car....   They looked a bit startled  
but sent someone out to shovel the walkway and brush the snow off the car - Thank You Marriott Courtyard....

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