Monday, October 5, 2009

The Photographer's Eye

Last week I spent some time reading  The Photographer's Eye by Michael Freeman .  Not only was it a great review of the elements of composition, I found the text and the images really inspiring.    Chapter one is devoted to The Image Frame. It is a dense chapter.  Freeman covers Frame Dynamics, Frame Shape, Stitching and Extending, Cropping, Filling the Frame, Placement, Dividing the Frame, Horizon and Frames within Frames - a lot of reading on a subject most photographers think they handle best intuitively.  I found myself trying  to think more analytically about composition as I captured images during the week. 

I noticed this window as I walked across the OCC Campus.  It is a view into one of the Ceramic's Instructors' Office and a 
perfect image for building my own portfolio on The Image Frame

Filling the Frame and Dividing the Frame are elements discussed in Chapter One of the Photographer's Eye.

Freeman states "Facility at using this frame depends on two things:  knowing the principles of design, and the experience that comes from taking photographs regularly."  I can't help but believe I could also improve my photography by reviewing my images with these compositional elements in mind.   Perhaps this would help me decide which images are most interesting, which are mundane and finally allow me to discard those that simply occupy a bunch of my hard drive space.  

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