Thursday, February 9, 2012

Creative Live with Sandy Puc

Creative Live

I watch the Creative Live videos as often as I can the workshops are great and I always learn a lot.  This month Sandy Puc will teach a workshop on Newborn and Baby Photography and I decided to submit a video to see if I could be part of the studio audience.  There will be a lot of screaming and yelling over here if my names gets drawn - will keep you all up to date.   Little did I know it would be so difficult for me to create a video on my own.   I planned to say more about WHY I wanted to attend the workshop - and I certainly would have like to edit out that little tongue tick - every now and then.  Truth be told  I am just glad I was able to get something up on line - not great but done   ...My Video

I thought making the video was difficult - but uploading and Tweeting it was a challenge in itself.  Boy do I need help.

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