Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Food Photography with Penny De Los Santos

I was recently talking with a vendor I met at WPPI this year. She was giving me some information on a product I have on my wish list. She said she had viewed my blog and noticed that - in her words “You take pictures of many different things”.

True enough – on the days I’m not creating images of children and babies I’m looking for other subjects – anything I can find to create an interesting image. This past weekend I found a treasure trove.
 Creative Live presented a webinar with Penny De Los Santos on Food Photography. Nothing I have had a great interest in, since I don’t often find myself in the kitchen cooking – but I took a chance, turned on the computer and signed in early Friday morning. Wow! I am so glad I signed on – it was a great experience. One of the things that she reminded the participants over and over to do was to "stick with the subject"  If you get up on a ladder or out on a limb - take more than one picture.   

After a full day of inspiration I trotted off to the Cerritos Farmer’s Market early Saturday morning to capture some “cultural images” myself.

During the afternoon break  I prepared lunch using some of the veggies I purchased at the market.

You can see some of Penny’s work here:


Images from around the world @ Penny Live/group pool on Flicker


Thank You Creative Live and Penny De Los Santos – what an inspiration you have been.

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